Serving the people of Moulton, Northamptonshire

Advertising in the Moulton Scene

Noticeboards are available around Moulton for non-commercial uses for promoting a charity or voluntary group, community activities or event.

Advertising space for local businesses is available in the parish magazine, Moulton Scene, which is produced twice a year. Advertising rates per edition are as follows:


Half Page

183mm W x 130mm H

Quarter Page

88.5mm W x 130mm H

Eighth Page

88.5mm W x 62mm H





VAT Breakdown

£145.83 + £29.17 VAT

£75 + £15 VAT

£43.75 + £8.75 VAT

Black & White:




VAT Breakdown


£50 + £10 VAT

£29.17 + £5.83 VAT

To advertise please e-mail:

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