Serving the people of Moulton, Northamptonshire


Committees have specific tasks and can have delegated powers.

Moulton Parish Council has the following committees:

Finance - Cllr Paul (Chair), Cllr Fehnert (Vice Chair) , Cllr Moss, Cllr Aarons, Cllr Swallow

Planning - Cllr A Morrow (Chair), Cllr Bennett, Cllr Moss

Climate Change – Cllr Fehnert (Chair), Cllr White, Cllr Aarons

Lead for Local Council Award Scheme – Cllr Fehnert

Health and Wellbeing inc Library Liaison – Cllr Swallow

Ecology Improvement – Cllr Swannell

Parish Church Liaison – Vacancy

Highways – Cllr Curran

Moulton Football Club Liaison – Cllr T Morrow

Attend Police and Crime Commissioner Meetings- Cllr Aarons

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