Gigaclear are a company that are able to bring 'high-speed fibre broadband' to rural communities, such as Moulton.

To date, this service has only been made available to a small proportion of residents within Moulton (those living within the Overstone Road vicinity). Gigaclear were given funding from the government, via Northampton County Council, to undertake these works, leaving the remainder of the village excluded from this service.

However, if Gigaclear receive enough interest from Moulton residents, they may consider rolling out more works in our area.

To extend the high-speed full fibre to your home/business you need to register your interest now - please visit https://www.gigaclear.com/postcode-checker

Please insert your postcode and complete a brief form with your address and contact details. It will take you less than 2 minutes.

If 300+ people register an interest, Gigaclear will consider providing this service.

Act now.

Posted: Wed, 12 Jun 2019 12:32 by Parish Office

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