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Northamptonshire Libraries Summer Reading Challenge 2020

Northamptonshire Libraries Summer Reading Challenge 2020

Meet the Silly Squad!

Northamptonshire Libraries Summer Reading Challenge 2020!

The Summer Reading Challenge is an annual library event which normally takes place in libraries across the county. The aim is to encourage children between 4 and 12 to read any six books of their choice from their library during the summer holidays.

The theme of the Summer Reading Challenge this year is "Silly Squad", and it has been launched online this month for children to take part in virtually.

Links to register and find out more:


"The Summer Reading Challenge 2020 will be a celebration of funny books, happiness and laughter. Children will join the Silly Squad, a crew of fun-loving animals who enjoy exploring lots of different types of funny books. Step inside their colourful fun house for a side-splitting adventure celebrating the joy of reading - just watch out for a mysterious baddy who is up to no good!"

This year children can set their own challenge and decide how many books they want to read, although the website still suggests a target of 6 books.

For further info go to "The Reading Agency" website

Posted: Mon, 22 Jun 2020 10:58 by Parish Office

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