Moulton Allotments

Moulton Allotments

An update from Moulton Allotments

At about 8 pm on Saturday July 25, a rare, vicious tornado tore through Moulton Allotments destroying as many as 40 sheds, 5 greenhouses, downing trees, many fences and common area buildings. Moulton Allotments is an unusual community asset growing food for the needy (The WeFeed project) as well as teaching children how to grow food. We provide Wellbeing facilities for the local GP's surgery as well as facilities for several other community service organisations. All this in addition to almost 100 people growing their own food. Continuing to be open during the lock-down has given a life-line to people young and old who, with the Government's blessing, were able to escape the confines of their houses and enjoy fresh air and sunshine whilst being productive and having a purpose. This was especially the case for young families. The tornado has brought this to a shuddering halt due to the massive devastation. But not our community spirit because the next day saw a hundred or so plot holders and their families working together in high spirits clearing the debris from the access tracks and making piles ready for collection. It was heartwarming to see and hear.

But the fact is to restore the allotments and to restart our community food programs we must replace the sheds and greenhouses. This will take money that as a not-for-profit Community Interest Company we simply do not have. Certainly, most of the plot holders are not going to be able to do this. Can you help us return to the vigorous community asset we were before last Saturday? The money raised will be used to buy and erect replacement sheds and greenhouse starting with the WeFeed and Wellbeing projects urgently needed to minimise the impact on others.

Moulton Allotments truly is like no other and right now we are desperately in need of your help so we can continue to help others. Please support us with a donation.

Posted: Tue, 28 Jul 2020 11:30 by Parish Office

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