Join our VIRTUAL Health & Wellbeing Event

Join our VIRTUAL Health & Wellbeing Event

Come to our VIRTUAL Health & Wellbeing Event for All here:

Due to COVID-19 restrictions we have had to cancel our annual face-to-face Health & Wellbeing Events which are normally held here at Moulton Community Centre and so we thought we'd go virtual!

Local groups, class instructors, therapists, and Northamptonshire charities and organisations will be posting information about their activities or services in the coming weeks on the page.

You can search for the specific support you require and/or browse through the posts. If you 'like' and 'follow' the page, you will be updated wherever there is a new post from a new virtual stallholder is posted.

The virtual event is not going to be restricted to one day, and it will be open for you to read information and/or comment and ask questions throughout the winter and beyond. As circumstances may change, the way groups operate may also change in line with COVID-19 restrictions, so this will be good place for you to have access to updated information. And hopefully by next year we can meet for real!

If you need any more information please do get in contact with Mary-Jane, Community Connector on Tel: 07484 907438 or Email:

Posted: Thu, 08 Oct 2020 10:49 by Parish Office

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