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West Northamptonshire Council - Canvasser’s required

West Northamptonshire Council - Canvasser’s required

Every year the Electoral Registration Officer West Northamptonshire Council is legally required to conduct an annual canvass to ensure the electoral register is accurate and complete, for publication on 1 December.

The annual canvass, recently reformed by Government, requires the matching of registered electors against local and national data. Based on the level of data matched, a form of communication is sent to every residential property for all elector details to be checked and respond where indicated.

West Northamptonshire Council's Election Team are starting preparations for the commencement of this year's annual canvass. We are currently recruiting to the role of canvasser. The Canvasser's primary duty is to make personal contact by visiting properties that have not responded to our canvass communication. Please note, that canvassers will be assigned to a specific area that encompasses several localities that are in close proximity to each other and is not based on the individual parish they may wish to work.

Further information is attached here.

Should you require further information on the Annual Canvass itself, please via Prospective candidates may contact the Elections Team for further details and to register their interest at

Posted: Fri, 01 Jul 2022 10:01 by Parish Office

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