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Bulletin Two : Essential maintenance work A14 junctions 1 & 2 slip roads

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A14 Junction 1 and Junction 2 Slip roads: Electrical Replacements
Ref: NH 611559
Second Bulletin : 26.09.22

Welcome to the final bulletin for the A14 Junction 1 and Junction 2 slip roads scheme.

What have we been doing? Since our last bulletin on 22nd August we have been working on both the eastbound and westbound slip-roads of the A14 at junctions 1 and 2 and have completed the following works. A14 junction 1 and junction 2 Eastbound and Westbound slip road ✓ We have mobilised and created the site compound on a small parcel of National Highways land. ✓ We have cleared away any necessary vegetation, this includes grass cutting, to facilitate the works. ✓ We have undertaken trial holes to determine the current infrastructure in the road and verges. ✓ We have installed / upgraded the electrical feeder pillar to support the future electrical equipment. ✓ We have replaced the existing street furniture including lighting, bollards and signs. ✓ We have demobilised the compound Other Information All works are now complete with the exception of Western Power Distribution (WPD) who will install permanent cable connections to the four feeder pillars. We have been advised from WPD their work will not require any further slip-road closures but may involve temporary traffic lights.

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Posted: Mon, 26 Sep 2022 15:38 by Parish Office

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