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Crime Awareness

Crime Awareness

As we are fast approaching the festive season, the criminal element of society are already gearing up to exploit any weakness in our security and loss prevention methods.

During this period the online frauds and scams will increase, as we shop more online and order more goods to be delivered to our homes.

There is little doubt that during austerity, crime will increase and particularly during the festive period.

Now is a good time to review your home security, re think your on-line security and be aware of scams that could affect you. You should also double check those fire alarms, ensure they are working as they should.

Being part of Neighbourhood Watch is looking out for our neighbours, this is particularly important during this time, as any criminality can have a devastating affect on people, its not always shared or reported.

If shopping on-line, I suggest using a credit card and not a debit card, it will afford some protection if you do fall fowl of a fraudster.

Let's do our bit to ensure everyone can enjoy a happy and enjoyable festive season, without any fear or loss.

If you have any concerns, contact the local neighbourhood policing team in your area, there is help, advice and support available.

Stay safe and aware, of both the cyber and physical crime threats.

Posted: Tue, 22 Nov 2022 09:05 by Parish Office

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