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Previous Consultations

poster for the consultation day

15th March 2022 Consultation

Some of the Comments from the 2022 Consultation

Youth Provision

Neighbourhood Plan Review

Planting Schemes

Moulton Scene

More and bigger Equipment, Trampolines, Skate Park Youth club and Splash Park (younger age).

Calming measures on Langlands Drive - the approach to the car park. Preferably 10mph speed limit and speed bumps.

Community Orchard.

Fist class and extremely useful

I like the idea of a skate/bike park.

No - Please NOT speed bumps.

More trees and orchard with apple and pear trees.

Value and enjoy it, would like it to be more frequent but appreciate the amount of work involved.

Nice to have planters.

I live on Moulton Leys and sometimes feel we are not included but for the first time last week received a copy. Much appreciated.

Plant fruit trees on the corner of Parade Bank, as a feature and gathering point.

The current magazine is lovely to receive and appreicate the hard work it is to produce. it gives a community feel which maybe lost on line.

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